Natural Ways To Cure Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problems among young people. The major cause of acne is a Propionic bacterium that causes acne and inflammation. Acne is of two types.

  1. Acne vulgaris.
  2. Acne rosacea.

Acne vulgaris occurs in adolescence. Acne rosacea can occur at any age, even in the late ages. Acne is caused due to increase in sebum production. Abnormal keratinization, colorization of a propionic bacterium and immune-mediated inflammatory reactions is the reason for acne. Do not use synthetic beauty products as they can even worsen the condition. Go for simple natural remedies that help to cure acne and make your skin soft.


Aloe Vera is very pleasant for your skin. It has the properties that will make skin clear, fresh and glowing. It is very beneficial as it cools down your skin. It removes oil from your skin and also helps in reducing the inflammation.  It is a simple yet very cheap remedy.


Honey is a natural antibiotic that is very effective for the cure of pimples and acne. The honey mask will completely clear your skin as it removes dirt from your skin. Furthermore, the honey mask also extracts impurities from your and soften your skin. Make honey mask easily at your home, follow these steps:

  1. Gather one teaspoon of cinnamon mix it with 2tbsp of natural honey.
  2. Mix the contents thoroughly until a thick paste is formed.
  3. Apply the mask to the acne.
  4. Leave it overnight. In the morning wash your face with Luke warm water.

Use of tea tree oil would be very beneficial for the skin. It has anti-fungal properties. It is anti-bacterial also as it fights with the bacterial and it is very beneficial for the treatment of acne.

To avoid irritation over your skin, dilute it with water before using tea tree. The ratio of tea tree oil should be 1:9.


Cucumber is anti-inflammatory. It helps to overcome the redness of the acne. It works really well and helps to hydrate you’re your skin. Simple steps to make an instant cucumber face mask.

  1. Peel off a cucumber and cut it into small pieces. Or you can chop it as well.
  2. Blend the chopped pieces into a blender.
  3. Now add 2tbsp aloe Vera gel and ½ teaspoon of lemon into the cucumber mixture.
  4. Mix it thoroughly.
  5. Apply it on to your face and leave it for 15 minutes.
  6. Wash the face with warm water.